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Cultivate Abundance, Flow & Harmony with the Divine

This is a timeless message from Spirit. If you are seeing this, abundance is right here at your finger tips!

Spirit ask you to consider a thriving plant in its most ideal and natural habitat.

What is essential for this plant to be strong and healthy; to flower and bear fruit?

Consider yourself to be this plant.

What is essential for you to be strong and healthy?

Are you any different than the living organisms here on Earth?

The essentials of life are simple:

  • healthy and secure foundations (rich and healthy Earth)

  • divine light, life-force energy (vitamin D, light of the Sun)

  • clean water, nourishment (emotional flow, light of the Moon)

  • love and kindness (light energy, high vibrational frequency)

I was inspired by my morning conversation with my Divine counsel. This message was very clear through the tarot cards I received when asking for guidance at this time for myself and the collective.

In order to sustain harmony and flow with the Divine energies, be in the world but not of the world. Do not aspire to "fix" everyone or the world's problems. If you desire to be of service and heal others, be the dominant frequency of love and kindness.

Radiate the light of Divine.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions without letting them consume you. Do note push them away. By having a strong sense of your emotional field you will naturally attune to the essence of Earth, feeling her heartbeat and intuitively knowing what she needs.

This will enhance your intimate connection with nature and the cycles of life. You will naturally become the healer, nurturer and guiding light for those who connect with you.

Sending you all the love and blessings!

💫 Urania & Divine Counsel


The above cards are from Dream of Nile Tarot by Emma Zhang

  1. Goddess of Earth | Tree Goddess: nurturing, grounded, earthly connection

  2. XIV Flow | Hapi Goddess: harmony, alchemy, creativity

  3. Warrior of Water | Serqet Goddess: emotional depth, intuitive visions, compassion

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