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An astrological birth chart, book and pen for consultations.
Urania Universe Mentorship

A private 12 week mentorship focused on strengthening your intuition, spiritual gifts and connection to the Divine.

During your mentorship you will gain insight into:

  • Activated areas of your life.

  • Prominent planets and interactions within your birth chart and how to effectively utilize them.

  • Auspicious dates and timing to initiate a project or venture.

  • Peak periods of heightened activity and importance.

Urania will guide and assist you with actualizing your goals and intentions by amplifying your strengths and creative tools indicated within your birth chart.


Urania Universe mentorship will provide you with awareness and insight into how your personal cosmic energy is interacting with the current astrological climate.

Urania will be your guide, teacher and companion along your journey. This is a perfect opportunity to have unlimited support as you travel deeper within your spiritual path and purpose.

What to expect:

  • 75 min monthly meetings via Zoom.

  • Unlimited support via email, text and social media platforms.

  • Weekly emails discussing the Cosmic Climate and direct insight on significant transits and alignments regarding areas of your life they will influence and how to best work with this energy.

  • Access to 15+ years of ritual work, manifestation and meditation techniques, alchemy, sacred geometry for activation, tarot and more...

Your mentorship will be designed with your unique needs and desires in mind. The more energy and intention you personally put into co-creating with me and the Universe, the more prosperous you will become.

Contact Urania here if you any questions.


"Have you ever met someone and felt like they were meant to come into your life? Like divine timing? I didn’t even really know what to expect in working with Urania besides the astrology aspect but I’m so glad I listened to my intuition. I signed up for her one on one meetings and got way more than I expected out of those meetings. I feel like I’m a completely different person than I was 3 months ago. With a different perspective on life that feeds my positive energy and helps me completely surrender to my journey, to my purpose. I look forward to continuing my work with Urania helping me unlock my fullest potential! "

- Karissa F

"I loved working with Urania. I felt drawn to her from the very first video I saw of her on IG, and knew I had to hear her insight on my life. Urania read my birth chart and taught me how to work with and recognize my own energy. She reminded me how powerful I am and how to tap into my innate gifts and deep, intuitive knowing.


Urania and I video-chatted once a month from Dec 2020 - Feb 2021 (perfect timing for guidance when entering a new calendar year.) I loved the way she broke down my birth chart and the planetary aspects, taught me about the meanings of each zodiacal archetype and chart houses, and gave me clear timing and insight on where to direct my energy during the next year. It was like I had the permission I needed to slow down and gather clarity about what I truly wanted for myself and the life I’m creating. 


I only wish I could have spent more time working with her and learning from her in such a focused way. She’s so wise and knowledgeable and I highly recommend allowing her to be a divine channel if you’re looking for clarity in your own life."

- Frani M

"Working with Urania has helped me really stop looking at the world for my answer but looking within. The way her consultation setup is very professional, nonjudgmental, helped me understand my connection to nature, universe, and my relationships with other beings. Journey to self realization is never ending and patience is key. Being able to go back and review what we talked about because you really can't take all the information in at that sitting. Revisiting our discussions and being able to take additional notes, she's very thorough and spirit led. I  gained confidence in myself and the universe through working with her. It's truly her calling."

- Chinasa E

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