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Can We Make the Best of Neptune in Pisces? (visualization enclosed)

Grab ahold of my hand and let's float into another reality.

What do you dream?

What's your fantasy?


Lose yourself in your dream, in your sweet fantasy. Is there really any harm in escaping for a while?


This may be the very experience you need at this time to inspire you and activate your divine fire.


May I share an easy and simple visualization technique that you can practice nightly? This is something I do often...


Before you settle in to travel to your sacred paradise, set the mood in your physical space.

Slip into something that boosts your confidence. Light a candle or put on your favorite essential oil.


Once you find yourself in a blissful high vibration begin to visualize your sacred paradise.

Bring awareness to your senses one by one.


What or who do you see around you?

 What do you hear? Maybe leaves blowing in the wind or a babbling brook in the distance.

Is there a unique scent that brings you joy?

Or something sweet to taste, like your lover's lips?

Imagine what delectable sensations would be just at your finger tips.


Lose yourself in this paradise and allow the journey to organically unfold.


Come home to your sacred place a few times a week, if not daily.

My favorite time to travel to paradise is at the end of the night when I'm lying in bed drifting off to sleep.


Feeling even more adventurous? 

Set the intention to travel to your sacred place while dreaming. Tell yourself you will be lucid when you arrive. The more you practice this, the greater the chance to experience your paradise in a lucid dream and as a result you will bridge the gap between your conscious and unconscious mind. I can guarantee that this will absolutely boost your self-confidence and bring about inspiring ideas. Who's to say, your fantasy may become reality before you know it!

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