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Integrating Conscious Awareness w/ Divine Intelligence

Do you desire clarity of the mind, improvement in decision making and the ability to accurately predict the future. If yes, I believe this simple technique will be of benefit in assisting you in achieving your goals and desires.

This technique is called the Higher Self Handshake and it's from the book: The Premonition Code: The Science of Precognition, How Sensing the Future Can Change Your Life by Theresa Cheung and Dr Julia Mossbridge. The Higher Self Handshake opens up a clear channel of communication between your conscious mind and higher self enabling you to accurately predict future events and most importantly make decisions that are in alignment with your best interest and divine path. This technique only requires strong intention and discipline.

The agreement between the conscious mind and higher self is that they will work together in support of one another by utilizing their skills to the best of their ability.

The higher self has direct access to unconscious information and a surplus of energy and intelligence of the future. The conscious mind can support the higher self through discipline and discernment. The strength of the conscious mind is the ability to focus and analyze information in order to determine what is useful and relevant for the task or inquiry at hand. By integrating the higher self and conscious mind you will naturally master controlled precognition (psychic knowing).

Higher Self Handshake

All you'll need is a quiet place to meditate, a journal or recording device and 1-5 mins of your time.

(1) Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths until you feel settled and relaxed.

(2) Imagine your higher self is in front of you.

(3) Once you have the image of your higher self, sit across from them as your conscious self. Remind yourself (as your conscious self) that you have some very important skills and your higher self has other important skills and both are necessary.

(4) Ask your higher self to shake your hand in agreement that each of you will master your unique skills and use them in support of one another.

(5) Put out your hand to shake their hand.

*If they don't agree, ask them what assurance they need before they're willing to be in agreement and work with you. Give them that assurance.

(6) When you feel complete with the connection, open your eyes and note the experience: how did you feel, what did you learn and was there any additional messages communicated with you at the time?


Each day write down your dreams, premonition experiences, and strong impulses and insights that are (or were) related to future events. This will allow you to learn how to identify dreams, experiences and insights that are accurately predictive of future events. You will also be showing your higher self that you are serious about strengthening your relationship and improving the communication channel. The more your higher self sees you taking this seriously the stronger and clearer your predictive and decision making abilities will become.

As always, your perspectives, questions, and experiences are welcome. Please share them in the comment section below. 💖

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