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Venus Retrograde in Leo | Healing Ego Consciousness

Updated: Apr 15

Venus retrograde cycle is a pretty significant one being that it occurs once every 18 months. Venus' cycle around the Sun is very unique as her journey corresponds to the ancient Sumerian myth of Inanna and her descent into the underworld and return to the heavens. Many believe this myth inspired the myth of Persephone. As Inanna (aka Venus) descends and ascends to and from the underworld she passes through 7 gates that correspond to each of the chakras.

Venus is currently approaching the end of her current cycle. Venus Cazimi in Leo on August 13 2023 marks the end of this Capricorn-Libra cycle and the beginning of the next cycle. This retrograde cycle will bring in themes of Capricorn, Libra and Leo. So I will explain what may be helpful to reflect on in reference to the areas of life ruled by those signs. I will also provide journal prompts to help you navigate Venus retrograde in Leo.

What does Venus retrograde cycle mean?

Venus retrograde cycle is a time to reflect on your relationships to gain a deeper understanding of where you are vibrationally in reference to worthiness, love, and personal desires. The people closest to you and the nature of your relationships give you a pure reflection of your values, boundaries and imbalances. By observing your relationships you will then have the ability to make necessary adjustments within yourself. As a result you will experience a shift in your energetic field (aura). People in your life will begin to respond in such a way that matches this new vibration, which may look like some relationships ending and new ones beginning.

Venus retrograde in Leo (July 22, 2023 - Sept 3, 2023)

The specific focus for Venus retrograde in Leo is healing ego-consciousness. This is accomplished by making the unconscious conscious with the intention of healing and integrating your unique source of divine intelligence. The unconscious mind isn't only repressed emotions and traumas but also includes the potential for future development or in other words, psychic insight. Your efforts will lead to living a purposeful and pleasurable life. You will acquire a deeper level of intimacy with the Divine, therefore receiving ongoing divine guidance and inspiration.

Additional important themes are:

1) Utilizing dreams, meditation and astral travel to assist in illuminating your unconscious mind and enhancing your discernment between intuition and ego.

2) Refining your confidence within self-expression and healing through conversation.

3) Merging your inner world (your unique source of divine intelligence) with the outer world in the form of self-expression and creative endeavours.

Any contrast experienced during this time is necessary as the intention is to push you beyond your edge of comfort. Take small steps into new territory concerning the themes above. Your efforts here will result in enhanced comprehension, expansive perspectives, breakthrough and transformation.

Journal Prompts | Reflecting on yourself and your relationships

With these questions, consider the where, when, what and who. The goal is to observe and reflect on your behaviour within the way you relate to others and your environment, which will result in deeper perspective and healing the ego-consciousness.

1) Who do you struggle to be yourself around or to share your true feelings and perspective with? Is there a specific time you feel the most resistance with this? Who do you feel the most ease in sharing yourself with?

2) What are the things you feel resistance in sharing with others? What creative gifts do you keep to yourself? Why do you feel you hold back? What do you enjoy sharing the most and why?

3) Who do you find it difficult to receive from? Who do you enjoy receiving from?

4) Note the aspects or faces you show to specific people in your life. Are they the same or different for each person?

There's no right or wrong answer, just a structured practice of reflection. Pay attention to the feelings and emotions that arise within your body while answering these questions. And as always, I'd love to hear of your experience and reflections in the comment section below if you desire to share.

*image credits: (top) Marie Roura (bottom) artist unknown

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