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Readings & Consultations

With over 15 years of experience, Urania has the ability to highlight aspects of your divine purpose, as well as your creative gifts and strengths that will assist you in overcoming current challenges.

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Colorful astrology reports with copper tea cup.

In your natal astrology consultation, Urania will identify significant themes present in your birth chart that may be activated by the astrology and energetics at the time of your reading, as well as specific areas of life that are more dominant for the year.

In addition, when you book your consultation you will have the opportunity to share your intention for your reading. You may also ask any questions you would like answered and specific topics you would like Urania to look into.

This is a 75 min in-depth consultation live via Zoom.

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What clients are saying...

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that since our reading some really exciting things have unfolded for me in relation to my career. You advised my chart showed a lot of activity with my career path this year. A few weeks after we spoke, I received the most prestigious award I can receive at my work called The Pinnacle Award, for all my efforts. Then I had mentioned the job promotion I applied for the week we spoke and you said you had a good feeling about it. I officially accepted the offer for that yesterday. I'm looking forward to what the year will bring." - Shirley K

A singing bowl, vintage journal, candles and a mini spread of the Egyptian tarot cards.

This is an in-depth 45 min tarot reading live via Zoom in which Urania will connect with your divine path, as well as any spirit guides who desire to bring forth guided messages for you at this time.

In addition, you will receive a simple ritual or charm that will support you along your journey.

When booking your reading, you have the opportunity to ask your questions and express your concerns or topics you would like clarity and guidance with. If you desire, you can also share your astrological Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign to deepen your reading.

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A picture of planet Venus that reads "Venus Astrology Reading"
Venus Astrology Reading

In your Venus astrology reading we will identify important themes regarding your relationships, self-worth and values that repeat every 8 years. You may expect to gain clarity and direction within these topics. I will also discuss what phase your natal Venus is in and what that symbolizes for you in reference to the topics mentioned above.


In preparation for your reading, I will present you with specific dates from your birth to the present moment and ask you to reflect and note any significant events, themes and patterns. You may also ask additional questions and I will address them in the reading.

This is an in-depth 90 min reading via Zoom. 


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An astrological birth chart, book and pen for consultations.

One-on-one monthly meetings with Urania deep diving into your birth chart for alignment, mastery and success.

My goal is to guide and assist you with actualizing your goals and intentions by amplifying your strengths and creative tools indicated within your birth chart. Our meetings together will provide you with awareness and insight into how your personal cosmic energy is interacting with the current astrological climate. 


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