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Tarot Readings

With over 15 years of experience, Porsche has the ability to highlight aspects of your divine purpose, as well as your creative gifts and strengths that will assist you in overcoming current challenges.

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This is an in-depth 45 min tarot reading in which Porsche will connect with your Divine self, as well as any spirit guides who desire to bring forth guided messages for you at this time.

In addition, you will receive a simple ritual or charm that will support you along your journey.

When booking your reading, you have the opportunity to ask your questions and express your concerns or topics you would like clarity and guidance with. If you desire, you can also share your astrological Sun, Moon and/or Rising sign to deepen your reading.

*IMPORTANT* Tarot readings are pre-recorded as a private video and sent to you via email on the date you choose. If you would like to have your reading live via Zoom, consider booking a combined 60 min astrology and tarot reading. If you have questions, please contact me here. Live readings are limited.

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