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“A single dream can change your entire perspective on the world.”.png

Urania's Lucid Dream Circle

Enhance your lucid dreaming experience and empower your waking life!

“A single dream can change your entire perspective on the world.” (Instagram Post) (1).png

NEW DATES: May 7 - June 4 2024
Tuesday evenings, 8pm ET 

Online meetings via zoom

Urania's lucid dream circle is a collective healing space for dreamers who seek to learn, share and heal through the practice of dreamwork and lucid dreaming.

Whether you are a beginner in dreamwork or an avid lucid dreamer, this circle is perfect for anyone who desires to enhance their dreaming techniques while having ongoing support within an intimate setting of like-minded dreamers.

There will be ongoing support via private discord channel. Meetings will be recorded.

Limited space available!

Reg price: $333

Early bird price! $222 or two payments of $111


***If you choose to register with payment plan, you will receive an invoice to pay your 2nd payment, due 14 days after you register.***

Each week Urania and Alexis will share their insight, experience and guidance on a specific dream topic followed by open discussion, dream interpretation and Q+A.





Celestial time-keeper and spiritual practitioner, Urania’s eternal aspiration is to align with Divine intelligence. She accomplishes this in many ways such as astrology, tarot, ritual and dreamwork.



Urania has had vivd dreams for as long as she could remember. The astral plane has been a second home for her as she has experience with astral projection, lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. Once she finally began to write her dreams and aligning her dreamwork practice with her moon cycle and the transiting moon cycle she experienced what felt like instantaneous healing.



Urania has facilitated women and healing circles in the past and witnessed miraculous growth within her participants and herself. This inspired her to begin facilitating dream circles with the intention of collective healing and transformation by sharing, learning and witnessing the unconscious self being seen and heard.

Tarot reader, dream worker, art creator, life loving humanoid on a journey through time and space. Alexis has been circling around the sun in this current form for a little over 28 years.



Finding beauty in the mysterious and unknown is such an important part of her life and personality that it’s no surprise that dreaming is one of her favorite things to do!



Alexis started to lucid dream when she was around 3 years old and have continued to do so since! The best way she can describe her life is that she does not sleep, She simply closes her eyes in this realm and opens them in another. She continues to learn more about existence through her unconscious to evolve.

“A single dream can change your entire perspective on the world.” (Instagram Post) (2).png


“A single dream can change your entire perspective on the world.”.png
Benefit of Lucid Dreaming
“A single dream can change your entire perspective on the world.”.png


Improved problem-solving skills


Accelerated healing and deep transformation


A more expansive understanding of self.


Increased confidence in seeking adventure.


Deeper comprehension of existence.

"I asked for empowerment and I got that. It made me feel more confident in my waking life and less afraid of my dream space."
"Being part of a healing circle around dreams has provided me the confidence to go deep into my dream space and not be afraid of nightmares."
"I am now more open to connecting with my spirit guides through dreams."
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