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Unlock Your Manifestation Power with Sacred Geometry

Every moment holds the potential for manifestation and there are so many practices and techniques that will bring your desires to fruition. Do you know which one is right for you?

If you're reading this it's likely you desire to connect with the divine essence of nature and to utilize sacred wisdom to explore and create the life that you desire. Like everything within this multiverse there's an abundance of ways to create and play with life.

Sacred Geometry is a divine science that literally creates worlds as it is considered to be the visual and thought forms of supreme consciousness. Sacred geometry exists on every dimensional plane therefore it only makes sense that we could create, manifest and access other realms by integrating these sacred shapes into our daily life.

This doesn't have to be complicated at all. I'll keep it simple and share my recent practice involving the Vesica Piscis. I can almost guarantee you've see this sacred shape before, either in nature or physical art form. The vesica piscis is a very powerful geometric shape that is known to be a sacred portal and womb of creation, but why?

Let's first consider a circle and a single point. In esoteric teachings, the single point is considered to be the singularity point, the unity of consciousness/light. It is the point of all existence and intelligence. The circle is the boundary of how far light con project itself. It is the container for light and the sphere of influence. In the third dimensional plane the circle is a sphere.

The sphere is creator consciousness with the source of it's intelligence at its center.

With this in mind, when two circles (or spheres) of common radius overlap, their shared space is the space between their center point creating an opening for creation or a portal to a new world. This almond shape portal is the vesica piscis.

You can access other worlds by visualizing this sacred shape, specifically aligning the vesica piscis with your third eye.

As a manifestation technique, visualize your desire existing within the vesica piscis. To amplify and possibly accelerate the manifestation of your desire you can draw your visualization from the internal to the external. This is done by drawing the sacred shape - two circles of common radius overlapping each other on a piece of paper.

(See my personal examples below.)

  1. Write your desires within the vesica piscis.

  2. Write manifestation affirmations in the circle surrounding the vesica piscis.

  3. When you're done writing your affirmations close your practice either by writing or saying aloud: It is so it is/so shall it be/so mote it be/it is done.

bonus: write more affirmations on the page outside of the circles, filling up the entire page.

I was amazed at how easy and fast my desires manifested!

There was one instance in which all desires contained within my hand drawn vesica piscis came to fruition within 24 hours. Finally, I will make a point to meditate and visualize my desires within the vesica piscis for the ones that take a bit more time to manifest.

Last thing to note as it is very important is that before doing this practice you want to ensure that you are in a high vibration.

Your emotions will give you a clear understanding of where you are vibrationally. Ideal emotions that will result in the best possible outcome are joy, excitement, bliss, and delight. These emotions are an indication you are vibrating at high frequency and will enhance and accelerate the manifestation of your desires.

If you try this technique out for yourself I would love to know how it goes if you feel inspired to share in the comments below. Have you worked with sacred geometry in other ways or have additional questions? Feel free to leave those below too.

Have a beautiful day and best wishes for you on your journey!

💫 Urania

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