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28 Day Ritual Priestess Practice

This 28 day ritual is an intentional practice for the integration of your higher self.  This is achieved by creating a clear channel within you and all around you. Once your channel is clear you will then organically draw down the Divine Intelligence of your higher self, resulting in physical embodiment of their consciousness.

Welcome, I am a professional astrologer, spiritual teacher and intuitive guide. I have been studying astrology for over 15 years and my perspective is based in Hellenistic traditional astrology with a bit of a modern touch.


​As a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.A. in astronomy and physics, I have an instinctual drive to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. My quest for universal truth and uncovering the purpose of human existence (collectively and individually) is endless.


​As an astrologer, I will assist you in gaining access to your past, present and future self at the highest levels possible. I will guide you in uncovering your divine purpose and understanding that the universe is within you.


As a spiritual teacher, I share esoteric teachings with the intention of assisting you in aligning with your highest self and the highest expression of all things outside of self. Esoteric teachings bring about a deeper understanding of the universe. These teachings are timeless and evolve with our expanding consciousness. 


Join my private Astrological and Spiritual community where I offer channeled messages and spiritual practices.

Meet Urania
In this image is a picture of Porsche, creator and professional astrologer, a woman of color with black egyptian braids, wearing a brass ankh around her neck, black top and lipstick as the sun rays shine upon her.

Oh. My gosh. That reading was amaze! My mom and I just had a conversation yesterday about the way I’m wired and it’s just so on point! You articulated what we couldn’t really express and just danced around in our conversation. So much to take in. I’m going to be re-watching this quite a few times. I love that you recorded a video and focused on specific parts of my chart in it to help guide me through it. I just want to say, that your reading is the most clear way anyone has ever explained astrology to me, you are extremely talented.

Molly H.

Star Cluster

Weekly Astrological Forecast

This is an image of a Merkabah, a 6 pointed hexagram with a purple and white celestial background and a glowing bluish-white star at the center.

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