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Unveiling the Truth of the Unconscious Mind

What if I told you that your unconscious mind is actually not unconscious? The deeper I dive into my unconscious mind through various spiritual practices (dreamwork being the most profound) the more I feel that the unconscious has all the answers and more. Supreme Conscious feels to be a better name for this extremely powerful and important component of our psyche.

With this said, is our unconscious mind the source of Divine Intelligence that I consistently refer to? Is it personalized and unique to each soul? Is the collective unconscious the Divine Intelligence of humanity? These are my questions that have came forth in moments of contemplation.

Well according to Oxford Dictionary, conscious is defined as "having knowledge of something; to be aware of something; awaken."

I believe many of you reading this could attest that the "unconscious" mind has knowledge of some kind, whether it's repressed memories, trauma, fears, hidden desires, etc. In my own experience, I perceive the unconscious mind to contain all intelligence pertaining to past, present and future and by accessing this divine intel we can heal ourselves.

There are many modalities available to assist us in accessing the unconscious mind. Here are some quotes I would like to share from my favorite practitioners (masters of their craft) and resources that may inspire you to dig deeper on this topic.

Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist and past-life regressionist, placed her patients under the deepest level of trance allowing her to connect directly with the unconscious (or subconscious as she referred to it) in order to gain the guidance to heal the patient's seemingly incurable disease.

"All knowledge, information and abilities (from past lives) are stored in the subconscious mind (just like storing it into a gigantic computer bank). The subconscious knows best. It knows which direction the life is to go at this time.” - D. Cannon

Carl Jung, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, mastermind of modern psychology, archetypal and dream analysis, advised that in order properly treat neurosis you must "deal with the personal unconscious for quite a while."

“The images of the unconscious place a great responsibility upon a man. Failure to understand them, or a shrinking of ethical responsibility, deprives him of his wholeness and imposes a painful fragmentariness on his life.” C. Jung

Finally, those of you familiar with astrology know Pluto to be the planet that symbolizes the unconscious realm and the embodiment of transformation. Pluto holds the key to hidden elements and intelligence and may be the celestial sphere that guides us in soul evolution.

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart by Stephen Arroyo is a great resource for those wanting to utilize astrology for integration of all aspects of consciousness for self-transformation.

“Pluto always symbolizes a form of extremely concentrated power. This power is so intensely concentrated that the physical shape or size of Plutonian phenomena (like the planet itself) is irrelevant. (eg. the atomic bomb often referred as a Plutonian source of power)"

“Plutonian power, therefore, is derived from a source that is beyond or within the physical form through which the power emanates. This great energy of Pluto is not at all obvious and which we might call transcendental.” - S. Arroyo

Therefore, you can see there are several ways to access the Supreme Conscious mind for guidance and healing. Trance meditation, dreamwork and astrology are my favorite points of access. What are yours? I would love to learn of your experiences and insights in the comment section below!

Sources for this blog post:

Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart by Stephen Arroyo

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My favorite "antonym for unconscious" (I just Googled) in what I found is "sentient": Able to sense, perceive, and even to go, etc. see below.

May 05
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Yes, I like this!

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