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Have you been having vivid dreams lately?
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Do you seek to understand the inner mysteries of the self?
Do you desire to connect with the rhythm and cycles of the Moon?
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A collective healing space where dreamers can share with one another and master dream work skills over a 28 day period.

Online meetings are every Wednesday
October 11 - November 1 2023 at 8pm ET via Zoom. 

*Meetings will be recorded.

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You will have access to Urania's private discord channel for ongoing dream sharing and discussions!

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Power of a 28-Day Dream Practice
Benefits of Urania's Dream Circle
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Access to the segment of your life that is lived within the unconscious realm.
Inner mysteries of the self, illuminated by the rich symbolism of your psyche.
Heightened awareness of your emotional and behavioral patterns and cycles. 
Intimate connection with the rhythm of the Moon.
Stronger awareness and presence within your daily life.
Join Urania's Dream Circle today!

4 meetings and ongoing dream support for 28 days is only $333
With the option to pay half now to join.
*Second half will be due 14 days from registering.


Seshat Notebook - 80 in-print papyrus pages
shipped directly to you at no cost!
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BONUS: the 28-day dream journey will be facilitated during eclipse season providing ongoing support while the energy and dream space is very active.
Each week Urania will teach on a specific topic followed by open discussion, dream interpretation and Q+A.
Weekly Topics
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Week 1: Creating dream journal & bedtime ritual.
Urania will share easy techniques and tips for creating a dream journal and altar, establishing a bedtime ritual, setting dream intentions and how to remember and record your dreams.
You will learn how to initiate your dream practice in preparation for the upcoming eclipse season and lunar cycle.
Week 2: Dream categories, symbols and interpretation.
Urania will breakdown the different categories or types of dreams you may experience, as well as the significance of symbols and emotions present in dreams.

You will learn the basics on how to begin interpreting your dreams based on the type of dream, symbology and emotions present.
Week 3: Integrating astrology with your dream practice.
Urania will demonstrate how to identify key alignments between your natal astrology and transiting planets in reference to your dream practice.

You will learn the significance of the moon cycle and your dreams.
Week 4: Dream reflection, integration and embodiment.
Urania will share techniques on how to bring your 28-day dream practice full circle with reflection, integration and embodiment. 

You will have a grounded framework and practice around dream work and a deeper connection with yourself and the rhythms of the moon.
Guiding Goddesses in your 28-Day Dream Journey
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NUT: Primeval goddess and mother of the watery mass of the sky, the deep abyss and mother of the heavens.
AMUNET: Primeval goddess of mysteries, referred to as the Hidden One.
SESHAT: Mistress of the House of Books. Goddess of scribes, writing and wisdom.
BASTET: Goddess of the Moon and protectress against evil spirits and ailments..
Urania's Inspiration for this Dream Circle
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Urania’s intention for this dream circle and those who choose this journey, is to master the ability to heal fragmented aspects of oneself and connect intimately with the inner child.


Urania believes this dream work practice and collective space will bring forth insights and guidance that is healing, inspiring, and purposeful; allowing the manifestation our truest desires that is within our best interest.


Urania desires to share this journey with dreamers with similar intentions and are eager to share and learn.


Contact Urania here with any questions.

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