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In this 3 part series you will learn how to choose an auspicious time to best support and enhance your rituals and spiritual practice. The astrological timing technique taught in this class is known as Electional Astrology whose roots are grounded in Ancient Mesopotamian and Ancient Egyptian traditions.

This class is live online, hosted by @ritualcravtschool and is great for every level of expertise, astrology enthusiasts included, as I will begin by covering the basics of western ancient astrology.📜🪐✨

More info on parts 1, 2, & 3 of this class below. 

*Note: You must register for each class separately (links provided below). There will now be a replay available post class sent via email!

Where: Online hosted by Ritualcravt School

When: September 17, September 24 & October 1

Time: 12-2pm MT

Cost: $65 per class

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Enjoy excerpt clip from lecture


Part II
September 24 2022
12-2pm MT / 2-4pm ET


Part III
October 1 2022
12-2pm MT / 2-4pm ET

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