Book Astrology Readings Online

An astrology reading is the interpretation of your birth chart to gain perspective on your life circumstances and learn how to best utilize your personal energy in order to understand yourself better and live your life to its fullest potential.


You will receive your reading within 10-14 business days from the day you book. Your reading will be a private video sent directly to your email inbox, along with an image of your chart and any information necessary for your reading.


Information needed upon booking your reading:

  • Date of Birth

  • Location of Birth (city, state or country)

  • Time of birth (exact as possible)
    *if you are unsure of your birth time, contact (link to contact page) me directly to see additional options for an astrology reading without a known birth time.

  • Location of where you currently reside (city, state or country)


Cost of reading includes preparation time I take prior to recording your reading as well as the reading itself and one follow up q&a via email.

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