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28 Day Ritual
An Egyptian priestess kneeling in ritual paying homage to the gods and goddesses.
Priestess Practice

This 28 day ritual is an intentional practice for the integration of your higher self.  This is achieved by creating a clear channel within you and all around you. Once your channel is clear you will then organically draw down the Divine Intelligence of your higher self, resulting in physical embodiment of their consciousness.

Below is a brief breakdown of the significant components of this ritual, followed by step by step direction.


If you are interested in ongoing guidance and support during your 28 day ritual, please contact me here to set up a free 15 min consultation.

Significant Components of the 28 Day Ritual

1. Consistency

~ This is the most important step which is why it is number 1.

~ Ritual must be practiced at the same time (roughly) every day for 28 days

~ Morning, as soon as you awake is best, however choose what time works best for you.

2. Connect to the Essence of your Higher Self

Creatively visualize your higher self.

  • What are their beliefs?

  • What do they look like?

  • How do they communicate?

  • What are their unique gifts?

Create a vision board of your higher self and these qualities.

Begin integrating physical things that represent them and intentionally embodying their qualities in your daily life.

Create mantras in the present tense that affirm and anchor in these qualities.

  • *you will say these mantras daily during your 28 day ritual.

3. Physical Movement & Breathwork

Intentional movement and breathwork is essential to this practice as it will be of great support in directing life force energy (via the breath) more evenly throughout your body.

Physical movement charges your root chakra and activates the body. Intentional breathing moves the charge throughout the body so energy doesn't become fixed in one location. This is really beneficial in de-stressing the body and clearing your energetic channels.

My go to exercise is through Human Garage's 15 min full body reset that focuses on fascia movements with the breath. Here is a link to if you would like to do this within your ritual:

4. Measure Chakra Activity

Measuring your chakras is essential for your ritual. Doing this for 28 days will give you direct insight to what chakras are closed and open. You will have the ability to observe energetic patterns as well as how your chakras respond to your emotions and environment. 


You will need a pendulum to measure your chakras. You can simply program your pendulum to show you what motion indicates whether a chakra is open, closed or inactive.


The general rule of thumb is:

  1.  open chara = clockwise motion

  2. closed chakra = counterclockwise motion

  3. calibrating = nodding motion

  4. inactive/closed chakra = no motion


Take daily chakra readings, reflect and journal how you felt that day or within the previous 24 hrs.

"By opening and aligning the chakras we resolve the struggle between conscious ego and repressed instincts. Once resolution and integration has occurred, you can use the energy of your instincts consciously and harmoniously.


The opening and integration is less a function of rising above your conflicts, than coming to a perception in which those conflicts resolve into complementary aspects of wholeness."

- Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith

Watch the video below for additional details.

28 Day Ritual

The steps within the 28 day ritual are simple and on average may take you about 30 minutes to complete. Remember to complete all steps together at the same time every day for 28 days for optimal results. If you have any further questions and interested in ongoing guidance and support, message me here.

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